Cyndi Lauper & Cher

Cher & Cyndi Lauper @ THE Bell Center
Living Proof Tour 2002

In the 80's the anthem was "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", in the 90's we were driven by "Girl Power". At the Bell Centre Monday night, October 21, the first artist to go by o­ne name, Cher, combined the best of both worlds. The show opened with Cindi Lauper, who said it was okay for girls to have fun, and showed us what it was all about. Casually dressed with a cropped blonde hairdo, the first song of the evening was sang while walking through the audience and stopping to sing in the crowds of adoring fans, getting everybody warmed up for the rest of the set. With her voice as strong as ever, she entertained the crowd through not o­nly songs, but with stories and laughter. Her voice still shines after all these years, and the audience showed their appreciation in songs such as "True Colors" in which she draped herself in the Gay Pride flag and dedicated the song to all those who are different. Closing the set was the song that put her o­n the pop charts "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" complete with audience participation. Missing were her other hits such as "Time After Time", "All Through the Night" and "She Bop". But her charisma and energy was always "shining through". o­n what she called her "Final Tour", Cher began her set by entering the stage from a chandelier from above singing U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". The song's title  in no way was to foreshadow the rest of the evening. If she still hasn't found it, she's not looking in the right places.  The sold out crowd of 12,545 at the Bell Centre seemed pretty certain that they have. Welcome to the Cher-est show o­n earth. Lavish costume changes, productions in between costume changes consisting of video clips of old footage,  Cirque de Soleil style acrobatics,  choreography, clips from Cher's film career and varios  interviews. Fans old and new were delighted with Cher's repertoire spanning four decades including old songs like "Half Breed" and "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" to her newer hits like "Strong Enough" and "Turn Back Time". Truly a tribute to her longevity. It seems pretty hard to label Cher as o­ne character: Cher the Singer, Cher the Performer, Cher the Actress, Cher the Diva, Cher the Icon. In this Vegas-style production, Cher put her heart into every song. Clearly, each o­ne had its own meaning to her. After an exteneded clip of old Sonny and Cher footage, Cher performed the Byrd's song All I Want, whose lyrics say "All I Really Want to do, is Baby be Friends with You". Anybody who remembers watching the Sonny and Cher show can empathize with this message. Cher has always been true to herself, and the fans have always followed. She's been a "friggin diva for 40 years" and can still show the wanna-be's how it's done. To sum up Cher's self-image, "After the nuclear holocaust, there will be cockroaches and Cher". Good luck to the cockroaches, Cher won't need any luck. If she could turn back time… why would she want to? Just keep the costumes in a safe place.
Here's The Set List:
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
All Or Nothing
I Found Someone
Bang Bang
All I Want
Half Breed
Dark Lady
Take Me Home
The Way Of Love
After All
Jesse James
Shoop Shoop
Encore: Believe

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