Dianne Reeves

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Dianne Reeves offers up thirteen soulful tracks that highlight her career as o­ne of jazz music's shining stars. This Denver native's voice is absolutely magnificient. You will notice just how much emotion she puts into her lyrics. o­ne of her greatest hits "Better Days" is a blend of jazz and has a slight r&b feel to it. "You Taught My Heart How To Sing" is inspirational and beautifully sung with the gentle tune of the piano in the background. Reeve's shares spiritual knowledge o­n the graceful "Old Souls." The song "Testify" also explores spiritual faith, forward thinking and self-acceptance. Reeves was inspired by Marvin Gaye's album "What's Going o­n," which just happens to be her all-time favorite album. Another artist that inspired Reeves is Joni Mitchell. She recreates the track "River" and adds her own personal touch to it. "Misty" and "Fascinating Rhythm" also stand out.