Dimitri From Paris

This double CD set is a remixed compilation by Dimitri From Paris. I was not expecting this album to be anything great when I saw the playboy bunny o­n the cover alongside a logo promoting Hugh Hefner's multi-million dollar enterprise. The first track confirmed my theory. Lil Louis track "Nyce and Slo" is cheezy. It's bland and drags o­n. The vintage "So Good So Right" by Imagination is no more impressive than the previous song. Many of you may have heard of the talented french group "Les Nubians." How disappointing that their track "Makeda" is presented without their vocals. The instrumental however, is an improvement compared to the other songs o­n this album. The second CD kicks off with "Candidate for Love" by T.S. Monk which is a hip track from the 80's. "The Body Theme" by Next Evidence combines house music with Jazz and acoustic instruments. "Indigo Blues" by newcomer Ludovic Lhorca and Miami resident Nicole Graham is a pretty decent effort. By far, the best track is "It Ain't All Good" by soul sister Chaka Khan. The vocals of De La Soul have been removed and replaced with house and samba rhythms. Other artists include Linda Clifford, Tata Vega, Blaze and Gwen Guthrie. 

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