Celebrating the start-up of the Mutek record label (spawned from the infamous Montreal electronic music festival), the suits in charge have decided to start off with a bang (as well as a few beeps and blips). With the release of Don't Postpone Joy, the label is definitely o­n the right track. Egg is a duo made up of artists Julien Roy and Guillaume Coutu-Dumont who play off o­ne another's quirky musical abilities with scrumptious results. Infusing intriguing voice samples with various "clickity-clackity" sound effects, songs like the oddly eclectic "Kabuki Express" and the subdued "El Techo" are brought to life. When listening to all thirteen tracks off the album, o­ne realizes that there is an undeniable sprinkle of humor thrown into the mix ("Continuous Drizzle" for example); however, Egg always remains extremely professional. With each song having a completely unique feel, o­ne does not know what to expect when listening to the disc. Egg's debut effort is like a thought provoking story spliced with mood-shifts and plot-twists. For those who enjoy their electronica scrambled as opposed to over-easy, this often goulash of tunes will be a joy to listen to.