Eight Legged Freaks

We're taken through a time warp with Eight Legged Freaks back into the era of the 50's and 60's toxic-radiation-giant-monster movies. The promotional trailers that have been around absolutely do not do this movie justice, but really played o­n the classic idea. Eight Legged Freaks is not a mere 50's/60's horror flic – it brings back the old genre of monster movies but tastefully so. No longer are we, the audience, played as cowering specks compared to the o­n-screen monsters. Eight Legged Freaks is a homage to the genre that o­nce shocked and scared millions across the world, bringing to the new generations a revamped version of the Old School stories. Chris McCormack (played by David Arquette) returns to his small, mining hometown to try to get together with his 10-year-long crush, Sam Parker (played by Keri Wuhrer), but these plans are ruined as chemically-mutated, giant spiders start going o­n the man-hunt through the sleepy American town. The movie also has a host of many notable actors, including Scarlett Johansson (Ghost World) and Doug E. Doug ("Cosby", That Darn Cat). Eight Legged Freaks is absolutely great for entertainment, and it's definetely something that can be watched over and over without losing its fun. Just going in for the spiders is more than worth it – they were masterfully created and are a little hoarde of great actors!