Eminem, the music world's new so called "bad ass" has returned with his second album "The Marshall Mathers LP". If you liked the first album "The Real Slim Shady" you'll love this o­ne. Not o­ne for avoiding controversy, Eminem has come back, even deeper and darker. Fun tunes like "Kill You", and "The Real Slim Shady", are mixed with some darker tunes such as "Kim" which recounts the fictional account of the murder of his wife and how he dumped her in the trunk of a car, and "Stan" a very chilling tale of an obsessed fan. All in all this white kid from Detroit has taken the gangster rap world by storm, causing quite the stir in the rap community which is usually dominated by black performers. Taken under the wing of the great Dr. Dre, Eminem has learned well from his mentor.Dr. Dre was o­nce the king of gangster rap, fronting the group N.W.A. Hats off to Eminem, for just being himself, telling it like it is, and not caring who thinks what, most artist would have bowed to thestrain long ago, but the controversy and pressureonly seem to make Eminem stronger. I personally can't wait for the next album.