Escape to Witch Mountain/ Special DVD Edition

Back in the 70's when life was simpler and children were easily entertained, Disney Studios held their title as pioneers in special effects and we were introduced to brother and sister Tony and Tia Malone, the children from Witch Mountain with magical powers. When Tony and Tia are sent to an orphanage, they realize that they are different from the other kids and don't belong. They discover a road map hidden in Tia's purse and decide they must follow the map to its final destination. When a stranger, Mr. Bolt discovers the children's magical powers, he decides that he wants to adopt them, but his intentions are less than honorable, he wants to use their powers to his benefit. When brought to his mansion, they are showered with all the luxuries a child could want including tennis courts and riding lessons. But they were secluded and unhappy. o­nce the children finally learned Mr. Bolt's true ambitions, they decided it was time to run away and follow the map. Mr. Bolt would not allow the children to leave his control, so used all his powers and influence to find them. This is when they met Jason O'Day (played by Eddie Albert), a self proclaimed grumpy man who was taking a trip across the country in his R.V. Mr. O'Day informed the children that he was not interested in having them tag along, but the children turned those feelings around when he became endeared by them and wanted to protect them. He helped the children return to where they came from, Witch Mountain, where they were reunited with their family. Tia and Tony and movie watchers are taken o­n a magical Disney adventure with captivating special effects and comical situations. And a Disney Happy Ending. Even grouchy Mr. O'Day turned out to be a good guy in the end.

Bonus Features
The Vault:
Making the "Escape", conversations with Director John Hough, Kim Richards (Tia) and Ike Eisenmann (Tony);
Disney Sci-Fi Special Effects, a montage of greatest Disney moments;
Audio Commentary, view the film with audio commentary from Ike Eissenmann, Kim Richards and John Hough;
Cartoon- Pluto's Dream House