Evan Dando

Evan Dando, ex-front man from "Lemonheads" fame has finally emerged from a drug drenched hiatus. Dando returns as a seemingly wiser and more disciplined artist o­n "Baby I'm Bored," Dando's first studio release since the "Lemonheads" 1996 final album release. This time around Dando has recorded 12 indisputably charming tunes. "Baby I'm Bored" possesses a mother load of golden gems, including the opener, "Repeat;" which is susceptible yet silently unyielding; "My Idea" is a grungy introspective look at relationships. "Hard Drive" recounts what is going o­n in Dando's life after his rebellious period.  "The Same Thing," is a nostalgic look at the artist's mental breakdown ("I can't believe how far I slipped").  "Shots Is Fired," an acoustic number presents the endless potential we all have and had. Members of Calexico, Giant Sand, Come, and Spacehog lend a hand o­n Dando's first solo album. This reborn, creative, evocative and far from bored artist seems to have a lot more songs left in him; I can't wait till his next release.

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