Fernanda Porto

Brazilian drum & bass is rapidly gaining popularity in Europe these days. Singer / songwriter Fernanda Porto has taken this genre and blended it with a more traditional form of Brazilian music. This talented artist is well known for her groundbreaking hit "Sambassim," which received much attention with a remixed version by DJ Patife. Her vocals are graceful and her style is traditional with doses of bossa novas and sambas. The jazzy electronica influence spices up her music and offers an interesting twist to this genre. Listeners will also find an english language translation of the lyrics inlcuded in the CD slip so that they can fullly appreciate this album's delightful tracks. "De Costas Pro Mundo" is an enjoyable listen and sets the pace for the songs that follow. "Eletricidade" is upbeat and Porto's vocals are impressive. "Amor Errado" and "Tudo De Bom" offer an enticing musical backdrop. The english bonus track "Not The Same" is also notable. An artist to discover.