Formula 51

Overall this movie is a great combination of comedy and action. I was impressed, except for the vulgar language that came up more times then anyone could count. I don't recommend it for kids or people who can't stand bad language. The character played by Samuel L. Jackson, has based his future and his fortune on the old premise that if something is marketted properly, one can as they say "sell a refrigerator to the Inuit".

Seeing Samuel L. Jackson in a kilt was interesting and somewhat of an eye opener. As for the supporting actors (some of whom we have seen in The Full Monty), they added to the comical aspect of the movie. Meatloaf has expanded in his growth as an actor with each role he has taken on.

Formula 51 is entertaining and gives us a look, once again, into the seedier side of human nature and the "joys" of drugs. This film may not be academy award material but is a good evenings entertainment. In other words: go see it.