Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich

On September 13th,  1952  at Carnegie Hall in New York City, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, two of history's great  jazz  percussionists,  shared  a  stage  for  what  started  as a classic jazz performance and eventually culminated intoan overwhelming o­ne-on-one drum battle.   Joined by many great musicians,  including the legendary Ella Fitzgerald o­n "Perdido,"  this is jazz in the classic sense with a tight  beat  and  great  sound.  "Idaho" is o­ne such example of a classic jazz track with Willie Smith  o­n alto saxophone and Hank  Jones o­n piano,  making up the  Gene Krupa Trio.  The title track of this album, "the Drum Battle," is without a doubt the  highlight  of  this  album  as  Krupa  and  Rich  face  off to see  who is the undisputed king of the beat. Though  there  would be several similar showdowns in the proceeding years,  this was the live performance that  started  it  all.   "Drum Boogie"  is a song  that is certainly deserving of its title as listening to this track
elicitsan  undeniable  urge  to  stomp  o­ne's foot and bob o­ne's head.  All in all, Verve Records has brought back what has proven to be a legendary concert performed by some of jazz's great artists.

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