Grateful Dead

Live Dead was originally recorded at around the same time the band was putting together Aoxomoxoa in late 1968.  Originally this album was released o­n November 10th, 1969, perhaps as a perfect gift for some deserving hippie.  The Dead wanted to present the live experience for those who never caught them live, of course that experience could o­nly partially be captured o­n tape.  The Dead would encourage their fans to freely record their concerts; a nice memento from a cherished event was always a big plus for any Dead Head.  Live Dead was a curious anomaly in that the album began mid-drift, it kept you wondering, and what happened before Dark Star?  Stellar versions of St.Stephan, The Eleven, Turn o­n Your Love Light, Death Don't Have No Mercy, Feedback, And We Bid You Goodnight were magical. Yet as the quality of live underground Grateful Dead tapes improved the interest in this album faded, there were several complete recordings from this era that were just as enjoyable and acoustically accurate as Live Dead.  This new CD release sounds incredibly improved compared to its predecessor and along with the added photos and liner notes is definitely worth a listen, or re-listen.