Grateful Dead

If you were into the "Dead" back in the early seventies you may remember or may have even held o­n to your 3 record set and eight page booklet, which contained a list of European concert dates and related photos. This was featured o­n the original release of Europe 72, along with ads for t-shirts and albums and the odd Robert Hunter story about hypnocracy and St. Dilbert, the Bozos and Bolos; which bus were you o­n? Europe 72 was comfortably positioned at 24 o­n the billboard charts which is a rarity for any live album. Of course you should run out and buy this remastered jewel of a CD. Listed below are all of the songs contained o­n the two discs, also included are the dates for most of these recorded songs, enjoy. Disc o­ne: 1.Cumberland Blues – April 8, 1972, Empire Pool in Wembley, London, 2..He's Gone – May 10, 1972, Concert Gebouw in Amsterdam, 3.One More Saturday Night – (date ?), Lyceum in London, 4.Jack Straw – May 3, 1972, Olympia Theatre in Paris, 5.You Win Again – May 24, 1972, Lyceum, 6.China Cat / Rider – May 3, 1972, Olympia Theatre, 7.Brown Eyed Women – April 14, 1972, Tivoli Theatre in Copenhagen, 8.It Hurts Me Too – May24, 1972, Lyceum, 9.Ramblin Rose – (date ?), Lyceum,10.Sugar Magnolia – May 4, 1972, Olympia Theatre, 11.Mister Charlie – (date ?), Lyceum, 12.Tennessee Jed – May 3, 1972, Olympia Theatre. Bonus material: The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion. Disc two features: 1.Truckin' – May 26, 1972, Lyceum, 2.Mornin' Dew – May 26,1972, Lyceum. Bonus material o­n disc two: 1.Looks Like Rain, 2.Good Lovin', 3.Caution (Don Not Stop o­n Tracks), 4.Who Do You Love, 5.Caution (Don Not Stop o­n Tracks), 6.Good Lovin', 7.Yellow Dog Story. Grateful listening to all.