Part of the Mixed Live series from Moonshine records, this album performed by Gusgus takes place in Sirkus, Reykjavik, Iceland. The eccentric group consists of Biggi Veira, Buckmaster, President Bongo and Earth. Gusgus deliver sexually explicit songs via an untraditional sound: a mix between house, electronica, hip-hop and and funk. The group put an emphasis o­n the use of technology, producing an innovative style, but safe enough for dance club floors. Particular stand outs are the mechanical sounding "Switch", smooth house track "C'mon" and the strangely electrifying and grungy "Waiting For My Love". This album also comes with a DVD disc, packed with interesting extras. A slide show of amateur photos of the band, friends and quirky surroundings allows for an up close and personal view of the members' social lives. However, this does start to feel awkward by the 50th photo or so. There is also a random interview with the band, consisting of unrelated questions and comments. The DVD also contains a surround sound version of the CD as well as a music video for "David."