Gyuto Monks

Take off your dancing shoes, put o­n some loose fitting cloths and prepare to meditate. Get ready not to be entertained by this CD but rather to get enlightened. Or perhaps you've been looking to purchase some music that will surely send your guests packing when it's time for them to leave. If all of these elements appeal to you, then eureka (you've found your next CD)! The Order of The Gyuto Monks has existed since the formation of The Gyuto Tantric University in 1474. Their multiphonic chanting has been described by some as "the holiest sound ever heard." Mickey Hart, former drummer / percussionist of the Grateful Dead produced and recorded this album at his Studio X in Sebastopol, California. Hart's auditory pursuits have always opened the door to something new and thought provoking and in this case even holistic. The monk's chants o­n this disc are derived from samadhi ("a trancelike state of pure consciousness, undisturbed by the polarities of life, experience, and thought"). The samadhi can be transmitted to you the listener (a kind of interactive CD for the non-believer). However, no matter where your beliefs rest, the aim of The Gyuto Monks is to "free humankind from disturbing and harmful situations and create abundant harmony," what could be nobler than that.

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