Hart’s War

Hart's War is set in a German prisoner of war camp in the dying days of the second World War. Allied artillery is within earshot as American fighters dogfight with Nazis in the sky above. The commandant of the camp is American-educated SS Major Wilhelm Visser, played by Marcel Lures. Lures steals the show as the intellectual yet brutal governor of this terrible piece of hell. The prisoners are led by Bruce Willis who plays Colonel William McNamara. This is more of a supporting role than o­ne would expect from Willis, but he plays it excellently as the West Point grad who is frustrated at having to sit out the war in a stalag while missing out o­n his golden opportunity for glory o­n the battlefield. The protagonist is played by Colin Farrell, a young lieutenant who, amid all the chaos and murder, is assigned by McNamara to defend a black officer of the charge of killing a white enlisted man. Though it sounds strange, the plot hangs together. With a great ending, good cinematography and atmosphere and a few Billy Wilder allusions, the film is a great way to spend an arctic afternoon.

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