Hawksley Workman

Hawksley Workman's latest album entitled Lover/Fighter is revealing, sensual and very honest. The CD was recorded in a self assembled studio o­ne-room schoolhouse in Huntsville, Ontario. Hawksley's third album is just as daring as his previous works. He continues to be himself and crosses any musical boundaries he encounters. Although he's often compared to musical greats such as David Bowie and Jeff Buckley, this talented Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist has a unique sound that o­nly he can capture and create. Hawksley Workman initially wrote 30 songs for this album but o­nly 9 made the final cut. Some of my favourite tracks include "Wonderful and Sad" for its great melody and rhythm, a ballad called "The Future Language of Slaves" and "Autumn's Here" featuring an excellent piano performance. His debut single "Anger as Beauty" is also very well written. All 9 songs relate to a theme, o­ne that empowers. It revolves around the idea of o­ne's spiritual evolution and transformation. Love, beauty, whiskey, promises, cigarettes and drugs are some of the issues dealt with in his songs. A Special Edition album is also available which includes  four extra tracks and a bonus DVD with music videos, A "Making of " Lover/Fighter, a slide show, interviews and lots more. An album definitely worth checking out.


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