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Colin MacIntyre is literally a one-man show on "Mull Historical Society." Aside from singing, he writes the lyrics, plays the instruments and even produces his own records. His music can be categorized as somewhat experimental with a dose of pop. This multi talented artist is a native of Mull, an island off Scotland's West Coast. He has been touring the U.K. accompanied by a band (can vary from 5 to 12 piece) and has been successfully climbing the U.K. music charts. His latest album "Us" was completed in 95 days and marks a significant progression for MacIntyre. "I've still tried to use different instruments and to really push myself, but it's more concise this time," says the Mull native. "You know sometimes you don't need keyboard zaps. Instead the songs have been given room to stand up for themselves." The opening track "The Final Arrears" is about avoiding emotion ruts. "Asylum" is an introspective song. "Live Like The Automatics" is an upbeat rockin' tune. "Gravity" is also a notable tune, which simply is about not taking life too seriously. This album has it's moments.

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