Howard Wales And Jerry Garcia

Originally released in 1972, "Hooteroll" is more of a Howard Wales showcase album with Jerry Garcia sitting in as a guest guitarist.  This all instrumental jazz and funk infused album o­nly has traces of Garcia's trademark leads.  However, "Hooteroll" is a joy to listen to.  The production is clear and audible and the music is as interesting today as it was when it was originally recorded.  The 8 tracks o­n the disc all have a different flavor to them.  The album's first track is the bouncy "Morning In Marin" and the album ends with the beautifully subdued "Evening In Marin;" (Marin County was where Garcia lived).  Garcia (guitar) and Wales (organ, piano) are joined by John Kahn (bass), Curly Cook (rhythm guitar), Bill Vitt (drums), Michael Marinelli (drums), Ken Balzall (trumpet) and Martin Fierro (sax and flute).  Garcia would eventually play with John Kahn and Bill Vitt o­n his solo projects and Fierro later performed in Legion of Mary, as well as assist o­n a few tracks for the Grateful Dead's "Blues For Allah" album. This magnificent album is a treat to listen to for anyone that has ears.