Iron Monkey

Set in a China village, this film is about a corrupt politician finds himself and his army repeatedly robbed by a bandit, who calls himself the Iron Monkey AKA Dr. Yang (Rongguang Yu). In an attempt to capture him he holds the son of martial arts expert Donnie Yen (Wong Kei-Ying) hostage and tells him he must kill the Iron Monkey, so that his son, Fei Hung (Sze-Man Tsang), will be set free. A trivia note here is that the son is a girl in real life. The Iron Monkey is similar to Robin Hood in that he robs from the rich and gives to the poor, but the town does not help Donnie Yen in his quest. This movie is like a spoof of martial arts films and has some slapstick moments. The director and fight choregrapher also worked o­n the Matrix and Crouching Tiger – Hidden Dragon. Needless to say, the action scenes were very well done and the fighters were also highly experienced Shaolin martial arts experts. This movie was made in 1993 and there is also a sequel should this o­ne be a success in the North American market .