Jacynthe / Seize The Day

Local pop star Jacynthe has been quite successful with her french and english songs in Canada and globally as well. The young artist has performed in Japan, Sweden, France, Italy and the U.S.A. She particularly gained recognition for her Canadian top 40 single "Give It Up" back in 1998. While her music was more commercial pop back then, her current album "Seize The Day" displays a more mature side of the talented songstress. The debut single is entitled "Look Who's Crying Now." It's got a rockin' musical backdrop and strong vocals from Jacynthe. "Next In Line" also keeps the rock music theme going. The title track is charming. Her vocal abilities continue to shine on "Undecided." "Don't Waste My Time" is flavored with a dose of R&B. Nice effort. She gets emotional on "Broken Love." A worthy mention is her remake of the INXS hit single "Need You Tonight." There are only 8 tracks on the album but it's a good effort.