Johnny Cash

Within the same week Universal Music had re-released two truly wonderful CDs by Johnny Cash, "American Recordings" (originally released in 1994, which won him a Grammy award, Cash has won a total of 11 Grammy Awards) and "American III: Solitary Man" (originally released in 2000). Perhaps this is an ode to the Man In Black, who celebrated his 70th birthday this past February 26th. Cash has recorded in excess of 1,500 songs o­n about 500 albums. He has placed 48 singles o­n the Billboard Hot 100 Pop charts, about the same number as the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys put together. Most of us don't realize how successful Johnny Cash's career has been, in 1969; Johnny Cash was selling even more albums than The Beatles. Suffice it to say that Johnny Cash is truly a living legend. Both of the reviewed CDs offer quintessential Cash original tunes. Equally impressive are his versions of songs by U2, Tom Petty + Jeff Lynn, Nick Lowe, Kris Kristofferson, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Loudon Wainwright III are spectacular. Both of these discs flow so smoothly from track to track, which makes it really difficult to pick my favorite songs, however if I must, here they are. o­n "American Recordings" I especially enjoyed the opening track, Delia's "Gone" and Leonard Cohen's "Bird o­n A Wire" has a completely original feel to it. "American III: Solitary Man" Commences with Won't Back Down with Tom Petty helping out o­n vocals, U2's beautifully revamped o­ne sounds overtly sincere, and Alan Coe's Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stones) is the definitive Johnny Cash love song. In case you're curious Cash will be o­n tour this summer and is planning o­n releasing Bastard Sons, recorded earlier this year in Los Angeles, this album is expected to be released in August; wow what a young seventy year old.


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