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Twenty year old Josh Groban has been living a dream life. Not o­nly did he sing with International superstar Céline Dion at the Grammy rehearsals back in 1998, but he had two episodes of the acclaimed television show Ally McBeal centered around his character. To top it all off, he recently released his debut self-titled album produced by the famous David Foster. How's that for star power? We had the pleasure of meeting Josh during his visit to Montreal recently. Remember, we're telling you right now, this young man is gonna be a star.

During your stay here in Montreal, are there any particular places you enjoyed visiting?
I wanted to visit the underground mall so badly. We didn't get to make it there but just walking around and seeing all these amazing buildings and this whole city has been great for me. I can't wait to come back as a complete tourist. I had a lot to do o­n this trip and didn't want to get out in the cold too much because I can't afford to get sick right now. I've been here o­nce before with Sarah Brightman. It's o­ne of my favorite places to visit and I just love the snow.

Tell us about your experience o­n the set of Ally McBeal? Anything noteworthy?
It was fun. The cast looks weird and quirky o­n the show and they are just as quirky in real life. They really try to have a good time and they made me feel supported. I had never done any TV acting before so they were cool and made sure they got me to that next level. I think Calista Flockheart is an amazing actress and we got to talking about theatre and things like that. It was great. I was honored that they invited me back for the Christmas episode, which had great meaning. It was kind of a somber episode but it dealt with a lot that was o­n people's minds after September 11th. The song I did "To Where You Are" was a tribute to my mother, who dies in the episode but also to those who died in the tragedy.

What was it like to perform with Céline Dion at the Grammy rehearsals?
Surprisingly, it was the most pleasant experience. I did not know what to expect because I was seventeen at the time. Céline Dion, from what I knew was just a popstar so I thought she would be a diva. She was so nice and I was so nervous. She kept me from shaking as we read the Italian together. She made a very stressful situation very comfortable. I will always remember that day.

Did you enjoy singing with Charlotte Church?
Yeah, she's someone so young and talented. It was brilliant to work with her because she's so full of energy and she's been doing this since she was eleven. It's inspiring to see someone that young so energetic about the craft. We're going to sing together again at the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics so I'm excited about that.

Quick Facts:

What would you tell your friends in Los Angeles about Montreal?
Besides cold, besides freezing my butt off, it's just got so much culture. I wish L.A. had more culture, it has a culture but this city just seems to be so vibrant and it seems like the arts are really important. I love the fact that there are two languages here. I think it's great. People are so friendly. It's o­ne of my favorite places and the food here is amazing too.

Most valuable prized possession: My Grandmother who was so important to me and was a great inspiration in my life, passed away not too long ago. She gave me an old silver dollar that she kept for many years. Like from the 1900's. It's o­ne of the last things she gave me and that is o­ne of the greatest things I own.

Least expensive prized possession: A pair of drumsticks.

Biggest Fear: Fear is constantly with me because of the profession that I am in. Fear of stage fright. I get nervous every time I go o­n stage. Fear of failure. The song "Let Me Fall" actually was so important to me because it's about failing and getting back up. Not being afraid of failing.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day: I am going out to dinner with my girlfriend in Los Angeles and will spend some time with my family.

When can we expect to see you perform in Montreal?
Hopefully very soon. We are working o­n possibly getting a show together and hopefully touring in the spring. This is definitely o­ne of the places I'll visit.


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