Kate and Leopold

Match a 21st century career-climbing woman (Meg Ryan) jaded o­n romance with a 19th century romantic duke in shining armour (Hugh Jackman) and you have James Mangold's (Girl, Interrupted) latest romantic comedy, Kate and Leopold. Nothing new there, ye olde time travelling, century-clashing ideals of a contemporary woman exasperated by her inability to find romantic love in modern times and a Victorian gentleman, frustrated by the limited cultural conventions forcing him to marry without love. Presto! They meet through a crack in the time-space continuum, and like the Back To The Future movies defies logic, but we're used to that. The ensuing comedic elements of the well-mannered duke suffering the slings of present-day New York crudeness is amusing enough, which Jackman carries with aplomb, but it is the boundless charm of Ms. Ryan that makes the film watchable. Whatever the criticism of yet another fluffy holiday romance, Meg Ryan is still the lovable blonde with the crinkly smile that has endeared the favour of both sexes.

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