Kelly Clarkson / Thankful

American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson's overnight success is truly remarkable to say the least. This 20 year old Texas native charmed millions of viewers with her down to earth personality and her strong vocal abilities. On September 4th, 2002, Clarkson was officially declared the winner of the singing competition and won a 1 million dollar recording contract with RCA records. Her debut single "A Moment Like This" was an instant hit with listeners. This song is featured on her very first album entitled "Thankful." Clarkson collaborated with Christina Aguilera to write the lyrics of the girl power track "Ms. Independent." It's an excellent track blending some rock & pop and an added touch of hip hop gives it some groove. Kelly's powerful vocals shine on tracks like "The Trouble With Love Is" and "Anytime." Clarkson adds some R&B flavor to tracks like "Some Kind of Miracle" and "What's Up Lonely." Fellow American Idol contestant Tamyra Gray joins Clarkson for the track "You Thought Wrong." All in all, this album is a pleasant listen. Worth checking out.

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