King Crimson

A trimmed down King Crimson was without Bill Bruford (on drums) and Tony Levin (on bass / stick) last night at Metropolis. These two core members of King Crimson are among the best at their respective instruments. Instead, o­n drums was Pat Mastelotto and Trey Gunn o­n bass. With Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew in the house this four-man formation played for about two and a half hours. Concentrating mostly o­n the last two albums, Crimson plowed through everything from the "pop hit" Elephant Talk to two different moments where "space fields" broke out. Without a doubt Robert Fripp is a genius and to hear him play in any band is a treat.

Fripp, Sitting o­n his customary chair next to his wall of electronics showed us how an electric guitar can be so much more than just an electric twanger. Visually the predominately blue and purple lights that engulfed the band, were perfect, as was the nice screen work behind the group.There is no o­ne I've ever heard play guitar like Robert Fripp and I hope he returns to Montreal soon.
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