"Attak" is the latest album by German industrial band KMFDM. The album opens with the sound of an airplane landing, much like the Beatles' "Back In The U.S.S.R.", and incidentally, the opening of KMFDM's own "Back in the U.S.S.A." The band makes unabashed use of 80s-style guitar licks, quirky synth effects, and lush production to create some high-density industrial techno. Songs like "Attak/Reload", "Dirty", and "Preach/Pervert" are traditional industrial dance. "Risen" harkens back to their late 80s underground hit "More and Faster" with its talk-singing, self-proclamations, and catchy chorus, though it is still definitely a dance number. "Urban Monkey Warfare" comes out sounding like something produced by Timbaland, "Superhero" has touches of drum en bass, and "Sturm & Drang" is most definitely punk. The album even includes a tune to shag to! "Yohoho" is a slinky, slippery bit of electro that would make Barry White jealous. KMFDM also mix up some mean metal in "Skurk". "Attak" is multi-faceted and unabashedly so. If a band can make this many good tunes in a number of different styles; power to them. Die-hard KMFDM fans may be surprised at the more commercial "Save Me", (my favourite of the lot), but overall "Attak" hits the mark.

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