Le Mondial

Few things in life are more soothing than an ice-cold beer o­n a hot summer's day, especially with the rise in temperatures of late.  For the past eight years Le Mondial De La Biére has been tantalizing our taste buds with  "ice-cold o­nes" from around the world.  The Beer Festival is   located in the Old Port of Montreal o­n   the Jacques Cartier Pier.   This year's edition features more than 250 beers, scotches and whiskies from around the world. The events at the Festival are always fun and educational. The Waiter's Races, Cheese Workshops and cooking demonstrations have always been among everyone's favourite activities.  As the night rolls in the live music fills the air.  In Keeping with the international flavour of the Festival, music from throughout the world is showcased by a variety of divers musical bands. After talking to several Festival visitors it was clear; this festival was for everyone, not just for the beer connoisseur or the happily intoxicated.  The sense of community that we Montrealers share towards each other was apparent throughout the day.  People meeting people just to talk or shake their hands.  Montrealers, young and old love this wonderful event.

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