Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb stands out for her sweet sounding vocals and those large dark framed glasses. This time around Lisa offers up a generous serving of "Cake And Pie." This album stays true to the style of her previous work o­n "Firecracker." She remains o­ne of growing number of artists who are more than just marketed packages. The kind of musician that stays true to the art form. Someone who is able to write her lyrics, express them and compose the music that brings the words to life. "The Way It Is" is an example of Lisa's ability to share her thoughts with the listener. "Bring Me Up" is a soft pop tune followed by "Underdog" which is about insecurities. The song flows well. "Everyday" continues to highlight the theme of relationships, which explores different facets of such connections throughout this album. She shares some words of encouragement o­n "Someone You Should Know." When life gets you down, the song "Drops me Down" sums up how a person feels during those darker moments. "We Could Still Be Together" revives the hope of love o­n this fun up-tempo track. Check it out.