Lizzie McGuire / Fashionably Lizzie -Special DVD Edition

Hillary Duff's beloved pre-teen character Lizzie McGuire from the hit Disney Channel series of the same name brings us 4 new episodes o­n this Disney DVD. These 4 charming stories about Lizzie and her friends Miranda and Gordo and their adventures are engaging and fun to watch.

Last Year's Model
Directed by Savage Steve Holland
Lizzie begins modelling and is not ready for the popularity that it brings her. The kids at school start to act differently toward her and people who never liked her before want to be her best friends. Even Miranda and Gordo treat her differently. When she really needed her best friends, they had become o­ne of her groupies. She needed her friends to be who they were before her popularity took off, because it's your true friends who stay with you in the good times and bad.

Best-Dressed for Much Less
Directed by Tim O'Donnell
It was time for Yearbook Voting and Lizzie wanted to win the prize for Best Dressed. The o­nly thing she needed was that expensive pair of jeans she saw at the mall. But her mother wanted to stick to their household budget and take her bargain shopping. Although Lizzie couldn't fathom the notion of bargain shopping to win the best dressed prize, it was the jeans her mother bought her o­n special that was the envy of all her classmates.

Just Like Lizzie
Directed by Anson Williams
Now in the 8th grade, Lizzie takes o­n a prodigy in the 7th grade and becomes her role model. But things get out of hand when the prodigy tries to become too much like the mentor and starts dressing, talking and acting like Lizzie. When the prodigy starts becoming more popular than Lizzie, Lizzie has to take action.

One of the Guys
Directed by Steve de Jarnatt
Lizzie beats the school jock at chin ups and at arm wrestling, she then replaces him as the new school jock. Now all the cute boys see her as o­ne of them, and she's afraid it willruin her social life and nobody will want to date her. She looks to balance her proficiency in sports and her feminine side. She learns that being strong doesn't always have to be for guys o­nly.

Bonus Features
The Lizzie McGuire Casting Session.
Girls choose the pink door and boys choose the blue door and then they answer a few questions such as what's your favourite thing to do, what kind of clothes do you like, what kind of guys do you like (girl questions) and then you're shown which character you're most like from Lizzie's friends and family.

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