Manny Oquendo & Libre

This group's assemblage of heavyweight musicians is led by percussionist Manny Oquendo and bassist Andy Gonzalez. This album offers tasteful and up lifliting rearrangement of new versions of old unfinished songs. The group has called themselves "Libre", referring to freedom in Spanish. Pay close attention to the lead vocals of Jorge Maldonado and the strong guitar work of Octavio Kotan,; the two add a happy and youthful sound to the mix. However, it might be of interest to note that special guest singer Xiomara Lougart does quite a nice job in Quiereme Y Veras, adding a slow, sensual, romantic, and slick southern touch. All of the seven tracks really stand out, they are all blessed with an overwhelming passion. Enjoy dancing?   This CD will really stir things up; so go ahead and dance the night away.