Marc Ribot

The ever evolving and experimental Marc Ribot has reinvented his sound for this album. The CD features o­nly Ribot and his guitar, no other instruments and no vocal accompaniment. Stepping closer to the edge than ever before Ribot strums, scratches and slides the strings of his guitar as if discovering the guitar for the first time. It is refreshing to hear Ribot's approach to music from this unorthodox visualization. Saints features twelve compositions; of which o­nly three songs were created by Ribot, the remaining tracks are covers that Ribot has completely re-worked. This CD is very spacey, at times even emoting hallucinatory images. I can't forget the wonderful performances of Marc Ribot at the Montreal Jazz Festival from two years ago. This new offering is completely different from what I had witnessed at the festival. Even the familiar composition by The Beatles, Happiness Is A Warm Gun is well disguised within Ribot's new format. I always appreciate an artist's interest in reinventing themselves and there is no doubt that this is the case with Marc Ribot's latest release. Saints may not be for everyone's taste, yet I thoroughly enjoyed it.