Michael Burks

Born in 1957 and blessed with a really deep bluesy voice, Michael is a relatively young player o­n the blues circuit. With his  vintage Flying V  Gibson guitar he  sings and wails the blues. Michael Burks absorbs himself into his guitar playing.  Incidentally, Michael's father and grandfather were also blues musicians.  His father had the young prodigy playing the guitar at the age of two. Michael made his first night club debut at age 6 in his family's hometown of Camden, Arkansas. They called him "the little Midget" because ofthe unbelievable guitar leads this young person was playing. Make it Rain is the first CD that Burks has made o­n Alligator Records. This CD is laced with countless guitar solos that will blow you away. I have enjoyed every track o­n this disc. So, if you're looking to discover some innovative blues, Michael Burks' Make it Rain might just be right up your alley.