Michel Camilo

Labelled a "Virtuoso Pianist" Michel Camilo originally started out by playing the accordion but switched to the piano at the age of sixteen. Since then he has been perfecting his craft and presents his remarkable compositions o­n this CD entitled "Triangulo." The album get's off to a great start with "Piece of Cake," a sweet sounding jazz composition. o­nce he starts playing the piano, you are instantly transported into his world of music. "Mr. CI" is a fast paced delight sure to catch your attention. Things slow down after that speedy ride with "Afterthought" which is a beautiful composition as well. You'll feel the latin vibes o­n "Las Dos Lorettas." The gentle sounds of "Just like You" are equally impressive. Get out your dance shoes for "Descarga for Tito (Puente)." The final track "Dotcom-bustion" is jazzy with a modern twist to it. All ten tracks were enjoyable to listen to. Go get this album.