Moonlight Mile

Many critics have been raving about this film. This story revolves around a young man named "Joe" (Jake Gyllenhaal) whose fiancée was recently murdered by a crazed man. Over the next two hours we follow the life of Joe, who is staying with his departed fiancée's parents, the Floss' (Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon). Confused about what lies ahead, Joe falls in love with Bertie Knox (Ellen Pompeo) the local post-mistress / bar maid. This film is ideal for those who enjoy their drama dry. This could have been an even more entertaining film if the main characters had more depth, or emotional response. This is a slow paced, almost detached documentary stylized film about a family who lose someone near and dear to them. The family's struggle lasts until a cathartic revelation near the end of the film. We realize that the departed fiancée would have wanted her family to go on living happily, and that's exactly what eventually occurs once the tears start to dry. Also, watch for inspiring performances by Holly Hunter, Dabney Coleman and Allan Cordunor.

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