Mundell Lowe

The title track o­n this fantastic CD is a very suave original composition written by piano man Billy Taylor. A Grand Night For Swinging sets the pace for a dynamic, intimate and intellectual interaction among five fine muscians. Guitarist Mundell Lowe's long-standing reputation for being a "tasteful" and "skillful" jazz musician shines through in this new CD release. Backing Lowe o­n this album are Bill Taylor o­n (piano) Les Grinage (bass), Ed Thigpen (drums), and Gene Quill (alto sax). You feel the syncopations, notice your head bopping to the bass, and raise your eyebrows while eavesdropping o­n vivid conversations between guitar and piano. Quill's sax playing is like a shot of liqueur in your coffee, melting smoothly into the groove, but with a flavour all its own. Filled with fun solos and great musicianship, this CD will keep your toes tapping and make you wish there were more than just seven tunes o­n the disk.