My Big Fat Greek Wedding

To quote Toula Portokalos, the contemporary plain Jane heroine of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, "Nice Greek girls are supposed to do three things in life: marry Greek boys, make Greek babies, and feed everyone until the day we die." Therein lies Toula's (Nia Vardalos) dilemma. She's 30 years old, unattractive and unmarried, and lives a lacklustre life as a glorified waitress (in the family resto), with her lively, but traditional Greek family, who want nothing more for her than to meet the right Greek boy and settle down. Her father, Gus (Michael Constantine) and mother Maria (Lainie Kazan) are becoming desperate, ready to ship her off to Greece to find a hubby. Toula resists, and does her own lifestyle makeover, in preparation for a better life with Mr. Right (John Corbett) who she hooks up with as her new, improved self. The rest is well-trod Cinderella story territory. Toula gets the guy (who's not Greek, there's the plot twist), the happy couple convinces both sides that they're made for each other, the WASP fiancĂ© gets baptised into the Greek Orthodox Church, and the wedding goes off with just a few hitches. And, yea, they get a house as their wedding present. The film is based o­n Vardalos' o­ne-woman show; she also wrote the screenplay for the film. The producers are Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks (who are married, Wilson is Greek), and Gary Goetzman. As far as romantic comedies go, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is just the ticket for some innocuous comic relief.