Neil Young

When an artist with the longevity of Neil Young wants to take his artistic freedom and abilities to the next level, music fans and critics alike listen to what he has to say. Wisdom and introspection prevail in Greendale, Neil Young's latest album and his first narrative concept album which reunites him with most of the original members of Crazy Horse. The band includes: Neil Young (guitar, organ, harmonica, and vocals), Ralph Molina (drums and vocals) and Billy Talbot (bass and vocals). Additional vocals provided by the Mountainettes, include: Peggy Young, Nancy Hall, Twink Brewer and Sue Hall. Young has indisputably taken storytelling to a new level. Described by Neil Young as a "musical novel", Greendale consists of 10 songs about a fabricated family called the Greens who live in the fictitious town called Greendale. Each track comes with specific liner notes so that you can become acquainted with the characters and story in each song, also the artist's illustration is bundled into this entertaining read. Lyrics are not included with the CD, but can be downloaded at  Although, the whole concept of an album as a story is an innovative o­ne, when listening to a new CD, it's the music that matters most. Neil Young fans will not be disappointed by the musical content of this album. Neil Young's trademark rough edge, gritty guitar sound and distinct vocals will please all enthusiasts of earlier Neil Young albums going back to "Harvest" and "After the Gold Rush." The Greendale concept is ingenious and the music backs it up; this is Neil Young's latest classic.

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