New Riders of the Purple Sage

I haven't stopped listening to this New Riders of the Purple Sage live album since I unwrapped it last week.  The concept is simple: 25 live tracks o­n two discs. However, o­nce you start listening to these sweet tunes, you will be transported to simpler era, void of DVDs, VCRs, CDs and all of the other trappings attached to our present day lives.  The New Riders of the Purple Sage opened several east coast shows for The Grateful Dead and then sludged into Clark University where a freak snow storm hit Worcester, Massachusetts o­n the night of this concert.  Despite the cold weather outside, The New Riders persevered and played a hot and inspired show. As a special treat The Grateful Dead's Keith Godchaux played piano throughout the entire show along with his wife Donna Jean o­n vocals.  Donna sang background vocals o­n "Long Black Veil" and sang lead vocals o­n  the classic country hit "You Ain't Woman Enough." This album finds the New Riders of the Purple Sage at their best, with wonderful renditions of "Willie and the Hand Jive," "You Ain't Woman Enough" and I loved their version of "Down In The Boondocks" and "Hello Mary Lou." The majority of the tunes come complete with impromptu jams.  Check out "Dirty Business," "Portland Woman" and "Willie and the Hand Jive." This slice of history contained o­n two CDs represents my favorite live CD recording of the year; I can't wait to hear more.

1. I Don't Know You        1. Dirty Business
2. Lochinvar                      2. Down In The Boondocks
3. Rainbow                          3. Hello Mary Lou
4. It's Alright With Me       4. You Should Have Seen Me Runnin'
5. Sailin'                                5. Portland Woman
6. Whatcha Gonna Do           6. Henry
7. California Day             7. Glendale Train
8. Linda                   8. Last Lonely Eagle
9. Groupie               9. Louisiana Lady
10. o­ne Too Many Stories   10. Willie and the Hand Jive
11. Contract
12. Teardrops in My Eyes
13. Long Black Veil
14. You Ain't Woman Enough
15. Whiskey