Orlando Lopez

Orlando Cachaito Lopez is the pulse and rhythmic beat of the internationally acclaimed Buena Vista Social Club. He has finally released his first solo album. This minimalist recording serves up the essential rhythms that make people smile, sway, dance and most of all enjoy life. 'Cachaito' adds a few of his favorite musicians into this mix. Listen for Miguel 'Anga' Diaz (congas and percussion), Amadito Valdes (timbales), Carlos Gonzalez (bongos), Alejandro Pichardo (guiro, claves) as they are the predominant back up band for Lopez. Special guests include Ibrahim Ferrer (vocals), Pee Wee Ekis (Horn arrangements), Hugh Masekela (flugelhorn), Dee Nasty (decks/scratching), Jesus 'Aguaje' Ramos (trombone) and 'Polo' Tamayo (flute). The previously mentioned band members are o­nly a handful of the almost fifty contributing musicians o­n the album. You must wonder how an album can be termed minimalist with so many sounds coming together o­n o­ne recording. In this case the musicians are not over playing, they are coming together in a unified fashion to assemble a common work. I have been listening to this album for about two weeks now and I enjoy all of its twelve selections equally. Yes, this CD is yet another disc that makes you feel good; play it when you're partying, eating, making love or just enjoying a Sunday afternoon.

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