Pokémon the Fourth Movie

Yet another pokémon movie hits American shores! This is the fourth fruit of the "Pikachu Project" group, directed by Kunihiko Yuyama. The story revolves around a legendary pokémon called Celebi that protects the forest and has the power to time travel. He escapes 40-years into the future with the young boy Sammy, where the heroes of the pokémon world that we know today face the same challenge of saving Celebi. Ash, Misty, Brock and Team Rocket fight it out for the control of this rare creature. The movie reminded me a lot of "Princess Mononoke", but tailored to the crowd of pokémon fans. A few aspects were changed, but the bulk of the movie was stylisticly "Princess Mononoke". The movie had lots of good values, but American corporations highly downplay it by targetting the movie as a cartoon meant solely for the children. So it comes to two choices: for the slightly higher class – go rent a Mononoke DVD; for the kids – take them to Pokémon or wait until it undoubtedly comes out on VHS or DVD. "Pokémon 4ever" (alternate title) is a recommendable anime for all ages, if you can try to look past the pokémon facade.

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