Premonitions of War

Dark, ferocious and downright intense is the sound brought forth by Premonitions of War. Their music is an aggressive battle between hardcore and metal, with both styles prevailing. There are also countless grindcore segments mixed into the songs, adding a burst of unrestrained energy. While the band came together in September 2000, the lineup, and consequently the music, has since changed. Currently the band consists of B. Wharton (vocals), N. Hale (bass) and original members M. Gaytan (guitar), P. Meyers (guitar) and D. Schoenhofer (drums). The band's main priority in terms of their sound is to standout in the hardcore scene. They aren't about making predictable songs just to fit in with what's currently hip, rather they choose to do what feels right to them. For example, "Black Den" starts off brutal, but then chills out into an unforeseen extended breakdown. While "Cables Hum Overhead" is a vicious track, with strange background sounds reminiscent of heavy machinery. The band has been quoted as saying they want to keep listeners interested and o­n the edge at all times. They manage to do this by creating variation with style and pace, making for a strong collection of songs o­n this short (but fierce) album. Best tracks are "Mother Night Revisited", "Black Den", "Citizen", "Capsule Hotel" and "Dim Light District."

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