Rare Birds

Rare Birds is your appropriately quirky Canadian ditty, awash in Newfoundland lore, and starring William Hurt, Andy Jones (of Codco fame) and Molly Parker in a tale that involves inventions, gastronomy, and a rare duck. Restauranteur Dave Purcell (William Hurt, looking rather embarrassed throughout) is about to give up both his marriage, and bistro o­n The Rock, when best friend Phonse (Andy Jones) creates a ruse (the sudden appearance of a rare bird) to save the failing business. It works, and the international birding community descend o­n the island, reinvigorating the ill-fated eatery. Enter Phonse's visiting sister-in-law Alice, (the overly-promoted, overtly freckled Molly Parker) to assist in the shenanigans and provide Dave with the mandatory romantic interest. There's a sub-plot involving a submarine and some nice shots of the maritime view. It would take an Icelander (raised in Canada) to deal with such quintessentially tepid material about another island outpost.

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