Return to Neverlan

Disney's Return to Neverland is a great family movie, as it appeals to both adults and children. The story is simple:  Wendy is all grown up and has children of her own. The period is World War II and her young daughter Jane is trying really hard to be all grown up during these difficult and confusing times. She refuses to believe her mother's own childhood stories about the great flying Peter Pan, Tinkerbell the fairy, and their triumphs over the evil Captain Hook. Then, o­ne day, Jane has a chance to meet Peter Pan and his gang, giving her the opportunity to reclaim her childhood and believe o­nce again! So, like other great Disney animated classics, Return to Neverland will keep the young o­nes laughing and glued to their seats for 1 1/2 hour. At the same time, the movie will get adults in the audience to remember the fun and innocence of their own childhood, when believing in fairy godmothers, invisible playmates, and the power of wishing were all a natural part of growing up. All in all, Disney's re-working of this delightful classic speaks to both young and old. To the children, don't be in such a hurry to grow up. And to the adults, there will always be that child within who o­nce believed in "faith, trust, and tinker dust."

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