Richard Trible

Love, Sex & Other Messy Things is o­ne wacky CD. Recorded by Richard Trible himself in a trailer in Avra Valley , Arizona, this album is like none other I have ever heard before. All 17 songs o­n this CD call for a great sense of humor as well as an open mind. It is definitely not everyday that you hear chicken and sheep in the background while listening to such blunt and surprising lyrics like "We like screwing barnyard animals". So is the case o­n the second song. There are also two short tracks that barely last 30 seconds o­ne of which is called "Condoms" and resembles a 15 second paid advertising. Richard Trible also recorded parodies of some known songs such as "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, "Oops,I Did It Again" by Britney Spears as well as "Wipeout" by the Beach Boys. After listening to the album I was slightly disappointed with these two last songs. Compared to the rest of the tracks, I find Richard Trible could have played around with them more. For instance, the Britney Spears song was sung slower but maintained its original lyrics. Nevertheless, the CD as a whole is hilarious. The title to track number 7 says it all "Cacofanatical". This song is a mix of different sounds and strange noises. The album might not appeal to everyone but definitely delivers a bunch of laughs and lots more. Remember: expect to hear the unexpected.

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