Roger Waters

In the summer of 1990, Roger Waters combined a significant historical event with a significant rock and roll event and made history by performing the Wall Live in Berlin, now o­n DVD. The monumental Pink Floyd concept album and film, The Wall are filled with symbolic connections to the Berlin wall which came down in 1989. What was o­nce a symbol of oppression had now become a symbol of freedom. Tearing down your personal wall represents the same desire for freedom. This performance was more than a concert, it was a rock opera. Joined by artists like The Scorpions, Cyndi Lauper, Bryan Adams, Joni Mitchell, Sinead O'Connor, Van Morrison and The Band, combined with props, costumes, scenery, animation and acting, no detail was spared in this massive production played to an estimated 260,000 people. The familiar, haunting voice of Roger Waters and his band mates made the production true to the album and movie. When Cyndi Lauper hit the stage to sing Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, construction of a wall began o­n stage, brick by brick slowly concealing the stage and all the musicians. By the end of the show, the wall was built. In the finale it was time to "Tear Down the Wall". The symbolism was intense. To get more insight into the whole production the DVD includes a documentary with interviews with the set designer, animator, producer and Roger Waters as well as giving the viewer a historical explanation of the construction of the Berlin Wall after World War II and its ultimate destruction. Other extra features include Unseen Footage which includes a music video of the song Mother done in haunting Roger Waters fashion, the Animators section shows different animation that took place yet missed in the film and the Stills Gallery where shows Sketches, Set Design, Character Design and Projections. This DVD is a must for all Pink Floyd fans, and especially those who love to see a spectacular show.

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