Ron Sexsmith

This concert marked the official launch of Ron Sexsmith's critically acclaimed CD Boy Blue which hit record stores yesterday, the day of his Montreal performance. The tour started the night before in Hamilton near his hometown of St-Catherines, o­ntario.  From eighteen year olds to baby boomers, last night's show brought together an atypical group of fans. The diverse crowd was treated to Sexsmith's usual diverse musical stylings that always include touches of country, pop and blues. Sexsmith kept switching instruments throughout the set, between his electric Fender, "Strat", acoustic guitar and electric keyboard.  Don Kerr (drums) and Brad Jones (Bass) accompanied Sexsmith flawlessly throughout the night.  The trio managed to sound fuller than their parts yet were also able to open up for some free flowing passages. Sexsmith supported his new CD Blue Boy by performing most of the songs from it. Especially enjoyable were "This Song" and the heartfelt "Foolproof," both from the new album. Joking with the audience between songs, Sexsmith performed a few riffs from a Billy Ocean song and Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven." The acoustics were excellent in the intimate confines of the Cabaret. The lighting conveyed a sultry atmosphere to match the smooth lyrics and superb guitar work of Sexsmith. We were fortunate enough to briefly chat with Ron after the show. I asked Ron about his connection to Rod Stewart and other industry peers; ãRod covered Secret Heart" from his first album, but he admitted that the album was dying until Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello started talking it up. Jokingly Ron admitted that "It was the shot heard 'round the world.ä Today Ron Sexsmith's career is o­n an upswing based o­n the audience's warm reaction and the critical feedback of his latest release. His natural authenticity and sincerity as a songwriter enhances his readily attainable songs. If you're raring to catch another Sexsmith performance or if you missed this sensational show, you can catch Ron Sexsmith o­n television later this month; heâll be a guest o­n The Conan O'Brien Show.

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