Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban

Semblances of "The Buena Vista Social Club" idiom still remain o­n Ry Cooder's new 12 track CD entitled "MAMBO SINUENDO," Cooder is allied with "Buena Vista Social Club" guitarist Manuel Galban. Accompanying Cooder and Galban o­n this unique recording are drummers Jim Keltner and Joachim Cooder, Conguero Miguel "Anga" Diaz, and Cachaito Lopez, o­n bass (also from "The Buena Vista Social Club).   "MAMBO SINUENDO" sounds far more tentative and raw then Cooder's previous Cuban forays.  Cooder explains that "there was a sound that had not been explored – a Cuban electric guitar band that might reinterpret the atmosphere of the 50's with beauty, agility and power.  We figured o­n two guitars, two drum sets, congas, and bass – a version of "Sexteto" with enough horsepower to swing like a big band and still have the subtlety to reveal the nuance and mystery of classic songs.  We hoped to make a landing back in the cool world of Mambo-jazz, somewhere between Perez Prado and Henry Mancini."  "MAMBO SINUENDO" opens up a fantasy world filled with new sounds and sentiments.  Sunny bright days and dark rainy nights await you o­n this wonderful new creation.

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