Showtime is ye olde cop-buddy movie recycled, this time as a spoof of reality-TV cop shows. Robert De Niro is the seasoned, hard-nosed LAPD detective Mitch Preston, and Eddie Murphy is the bumbling patrol officer, Trey Sellars, with his sights more o­n Hollywood than the mean streets of Los Angeles. When Mitch gets suspended for firing his gun at an intrusive camera crew, TV producer Chase Renzi (Rene Russo) seizes her chance at a ratings draw, and convinces the Chief of Police to let her crew film Mitch and Trey for a reality-style TV cop show, called Showtime, to smooth out Mitchís PR gaffe. Director Tom Dey (Shanghai Noon) offers up the same old, same old with the requisite personality clashes between swish actor cop and serious veteran cop, the car chases, the eventual bonding of Mitch and Trey, the romantic overtones of Mitch and Chase, etc, etc. There's nothing terribly wrong with all this, its just that weíve seen it all before in the cop comedy genre, of which Eddie Murphy is a seasoned veteran. The o­nly saving grace is the inclusion of William Shatner parodying himself as the T.J. Hooker actor hired to show these cops how to play real TV cops, and therein lie the real laughs. 

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