Sidewalks of New York

Edward Burns outdoes himself in "Sidewalks of New York", his latest release in which he stars, writes, directs and produces.Burns burst o­nto the scene back in 1995 with the no budget "The Brothers McMullan" and his new film is a superb tribute to the state of relationships today and to New York City. The World Trade Center twin towers lurk in the background of several shots. The film editing is particularly well done as he intentionally creates skips in almost every scene. The story revolves around several individuals in various different types of relationship situations from Stanley Tucci's excellent turn as the cheating husband to Heather Graham as Tucci's prissy wife and Burns as the guy always unlucky in love. Dennis Farina is hilarious as the old pro cruiser who tries to gives the Burns character advice and David Krumholtz shines as the sensitive musician. The film is at o­nce touching, funny, poignant and a deadly accurate and realistic portrayal of how relationships really are today. Burns also makes effective use of a quasi docu-drama style of interviewing the characters as they answer questions directly to the camera, reminiscent of "Sex, Lies & Videotape". The dialogue is another high point of the picture and I strongly recommend you go see this movie. o­ne of my favorites of the year.